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Cifarelli Spa is leader firm in the production of knapsack shaker with engine for olives harvesting.


To exploit the name of our Company, many Chinese counterfeit copies of our equipment  SC800 have been introduced on the market. 

Such copies are of low quality and extremely dangerous for the users. 
They are often sold "door to door" by irregular organizations, saying that the machines are of occasion or stolen. 
These machines have a very limited life and very difficult to find spare parts, therefore they almost immediately become unusable.

For clear reasons, Cifarelli sales net won't supply any assistance on this equipment.  

Our Society intervenes in order to protect its own rights. We have already obtained some sequestrations and we will act on all retailers and distributors that will try to resell these machines.

For the best protection of the users, to avoid that they'll become victims of the fraud, we have prepared some indications to recognize the original Cifarelli shakers.

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Global vision

Chinese shaker

Cifarelli shaker

How to distinguish the copies

Marking on the parts

As you can see from the pictures, Cifarelli equipment is branded in relief on the pieces with our brand. The name on the gears box is particularly important. 
Some sellers stick a label on with the counterfeit brand.


Chinese engine has a displacement of lower power and quality.

Cifarelli utilizes engines with different colour according to the markets; the red engine is only for Spain.

Black engine (patented colour) is for all the other markets.

Our recent engines are equipped with with a gummed, transparent, narrow and long label in relief, while the Chinese engines only have a round label.


The trimmings level, due to the materials and to the working and assembling techniques, is completely different.

Cifarelli's gears box has sanded trimmings, the Chines one has irregular and shiny trimmings.

The plastic parts of Cifarelli shaker result more opaque and better finished, thanks to the resistant materials and mould used, while the Chinese one are made with materials and mould of lower quality and bad trimmings.


Cifarelli shaker is equipped with an inside turner made with a special technology that resulted difficult to be copied by the Chinese, which have been obliged to use an external turner, very dangerous for its position.

The turner is situated near the exit of the gears box, to the staff connection.


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