Inversion kit for M1200

Treatment in the opposite direction to the direction of travel

The inversion kit (code 0G.391.00) is an accessory applicable to the M1200 atomizer which allows the crops to be treated by vaporising the liquid in the opposite direction to the direction of travel of the operator.

In this way the operator avoids transiting in areas already treated and being exposed to vaporized substances.

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Whopes Certification for L3EvoWHO

L3EvoWHO Certification

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained the Whopes certification for the L3Evo atomizer in the WHO version:

the machine FULLY COMPLIANT with the requirements of the standard "Equipment for vector control specification guidelines, 2" edition. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2018" and can be provided to who requires the World Health Organization certificate.


* For the moment the atomizer L3Evo is only available outside Europe but we are proceeding to the certification of the engine so make it usable also in Europe.

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