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Booster and filling pump for mist blowers

Booster pump 

  • It constantly keeps blended the solution inside the liquid tank (for products that need it).
  • It increases the outlet pressure of the product (and therefore the amount of liquid dispensed).
  • It allows to have a greater and more stable output pressure of the product; without the booster pump the output of the product from the liquid tank takes place by gravity, then the flow rate varies a little if the tank is full or nearly empty; instead with the pump this quantity is independent from the quantity of product in the liquid tank. For this reason it is particularly recommended when using the accessory ULV and when is required greater control of the liquid flow distributed.
  • In the series 3, with the use of the extension tubes (ref. 24.019.00) which allow to approach the plant to be treated, but do not increase the flow rate, the pump PS is essential to get the product to the nozzle on the last tube.

The booster pump does not increase the distance reached by the product (it is the air that carries the drops) but only the maximum quantity output.

Filling pump

The filling pump is used to fill the tank without removing the mist blower from the shoulders.

Series 3

In order to fill the liquid tank of a series 3 mist blower with filling pump, you must "overflow" the pump as follows::

  • Close the liquid tap and remove the tank cap.
  • In case of booster and filling pump, there is a a metal lever (diverter) near the other lever (the activation one): rotate to direct it downwards. 
  • Flow in the tank about 1 liter of water or the product you are going to use.
  • Remove the filter and let the air out through the valve (at the bottom of suction hose) pushing on the pin and making it go from up to down.

To proceed with the filling:

  • Put the filter on suction hose valve.
  • Put the suction hose in the container of the product.
  • Make the engine run at medium speed.
  • Engage the pump by moving the lever on the frame at the left of the machine.
  • Check in transparency when the tank is full and disengage the pump.
  • When the filling is finished, close the valve with the cap.

Click here to see the video.

Series 1200

To fill in the booster and filling pump of a M1200 mist blower:

  • dip the suction pipe
  • put the lever down
  • with engine at idle, press roughly 10 times the pump 
  • see the manual supplied with the kit for full functionality.