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V1200E 2017 still life
Vacuum V1200

The new 1200 series, after the mist blower and the blower, is completed by the new V1200 vacuum.

The machine, designed for the harvesting of fruits in shell, comes from the experience of the previous model V77S.

Principally studied to harvest chestnuts and hazelnuts, our V1200 is also indicated for the harvesting of other fruits as, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, acorns and olives.
The lightweight material, such as leaves or small stones, is discharged out of the tank thanks to the patented separation system.
It is possible to easily empty the tank keeping the machine over the shoulders.

The innovations of this new vacuum are:


  • new backrest
  • new handle
  • new opening system
  • vertical refuelling of fuel tank
  • lifting handle


  • increased suction power
  • protection of the cover of the fan easily replaceable
  • standard connector for water hoses to clean the fan

Suction hose

  • increase of the diameter of the suction hose

Cooling system

  • new cooling system



Trolley for use not in shoulder



How to use

The best way to use the V1200 vacuum is the following:

  • grass the areas below, where the products will fall
  • cut the grass before the picking, cleaning the area with the blower
  • during the picking, amass the product with the blower in order to facilitate and speed up the picking of the vacuum.
  • when emptying keep slightly revved up the engine to improve the separation of the light material.

This procedure allows a very fast picking and a good cleaning of the product.