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Mist blower M1200 powerful, innovative and comfortable 

Atomizzatore M1200 Studio Verticale
Mist blower M1200

Designing the new mist-blower M1200, we have put into use our 40-plus years of experience, obtaining, on a consolidated product, the prestigious prize "Technical Innovation" EIMA 2012.

We have significantly improved the performancereliability and comfort of use.

The new machine has a new handle, with an inclination and position system easy to set without tools, that integrates the liquids flow control (can be switched off) and the accelerator.

The new sprayer , with a liquids output adjustable up to 9 positions, allows a calibrated and regular treatment without wasting product.

The new ventilation system and the evolution of the C7 engine with 5HP increase the volume of air and the treatment capacity both in vertical and in horizontal position.
The rotating elbow facilitates the treatment of high trees both for its ergonomics and for the flow. The liquids come out even with the tube in vertical position.

The redesigned ergonomics makes it a machine for professionals.

Thanks to the new curved backrest, with a large and soft pillow, and the positioning of the shoulder straps, the new mist-blower M1200 is a machine with a high comfort of use, to try out.

The Cifarelli mist blowers thanks to their characteristics are also a valuable support in the field of gardening.

The long protection distance of our machines makes them ideal to effect disinfesting treatments with plant protection products on plants with a height of 10-11 metres, hedges located in villas, buildings, etc.

Moreover, the low volume system, with the uniform micronization of the product combined with the air that moves the leaves, ensure best result with a homogeneous coverage on both sides. To see the technical data relating to the size of the droplets generated from the M1200 stated in the certificate Enama (entity attesting conformity of the machinery to the European directives on safety and functionality) please click here.

They are also useful for the disinfestation of the gardens by mosquitoes and can be used as blowers to remove the leaves (to this end is provided a kit  for improving its use). 

As for all the professional machines, the easy maintenance is an important design criterion.

An easier scheme of disassembly and the unification of the bolts, have allowed us to facilitate and speed up the operations of intervention. Now with only one key can be removed almost all components.
We have built a modular machine, where all the accessories, including the pumps, can be installed quickly even after the purchase.

The mist-blower Cifarelli M1200 is a versatile machine, suitable for both professionals and hobbyists who need to perform all treatment operations in a fast and reliable way.

Our accurate after-sales service as well as the immediate availability of spare parts and accessories are a guarantee that will allow you to operate with the maximum efficiency, in all situations.

The quality is guaranteed by a machine completely made in Italy with the best materials.

To the standard model, the following accessories (sold separately) can be applied in a very simple way : 

Contact us  to find the address of the Cifarelli dealer nearest to you ,to experience the quality of our products.