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Pincer for syringes

Our pincer (patented model) has been studied to pick up syringes, offering the following advantages:

  • possibility, for the operator, to work upright.
  • greatest safety: the user doesn’t touch the object.
  • pistol grip for the best practicality, ergonomics and operating easiness.
  • automatic release of the object at operator’s command.
  • possibility to rotate the end of the pincer to 360 degrees.
  • easy access to difficult areas: hedges, cavities, parkings, benches.
  • made in plastic material, it can endure every kind of temperature.
  • the sterility is granted from the possibility to be dipped in all disinfectant liquids.
  • it doesn’t need any maintenance.
Especially studied for syringes, it can be also used by the workers to pick up paper, plastic bags and small objects located in places with difficult access.