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Powerful comfort 

Bl1200 2018 verticale per pagine
Blower BL1200


The blower BL1200 has been developed thanks to the experience of Cifarelli SpA in professional backpack machines with engine.

We have analyzed the requests of our customers focusing the attention on ergonomics, power and ease of maintenance.

The ergonomics has been carefully studied and improved and the result is a machine with incomparable comfort that it is worth to try:

  • very low vibrations
  • detailed study of the barycentre
  • new system for fixing and positioning the shoulder straps and the back panel designed to reduce operator fatigue
  • new handle fully adjustable without the use of keys
  • news silencer and fan that make the tonality of the noise less annoying

With the evolution of our C7 engine and a new ventilation system we have obtained an high power and a great increase of the air volume.

We have enhanced the reliability by subjecting the machine to long duration tests, increasing the volume of the air filter, improving parts such as carburetor and recoil starter.

The aspect of maintenance, which concerns all professional machines, has been placed at the base of the design criterias of the machine; an easier dismantling scheme and the unification of nuts and bolts (with a single key can be disassembled almost all the components), consented us to improve the ease of maintenance.

Our suggestion is to address to one of our dealer (here you can ask for the nearest to you) and try the machine. You'll immediately notice the difference!

A powerful and reliable machine, the accurate after-sales service and the immediate availability of spare parts make it the ideal choice for the most demanding professionals.

Comfort for the professional.

In the urban hygiene it is necessary to have machines suitable for intensive use with high performances to optimize the working times.

The easy setting of the handle enables to work comfortably and quickly in all circumstances, the great power makes it suitable even in the worst conditions of wet ground and for cleaning under the cars in a single pass. The barycentre and positioning of shoulder straps and cushion makes it comfortable for prolonged use without tiring the arms as it happens with hand blowers.

Our blowers allow a significant time-saver for cleaning large areas (including stadiums, sports areas, etc..) and in the road by coupling the blower to street sweepers.