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Working becomes easy. 

Vacuum V77S

Machine no longer in production, you can see the model V1200


Especially studied for chestnuts and nuts picking

Light materials are discharged out of the tank; for this reason vacuum has not been studied for picking up leaves and similar things.


From Cifarelli's experience in light and powerful knapsack equipment, it has been studied this innovative picking up machine, the only one on the market.   

V77S is expressly indicated for chestnuts picking up and it is the result of long tests made in different parts of Italy.

Especially studied for chestnuts, our V77S is regularly utilized for picking-up some other fruits as, for example, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, acorns and olives.

The latest version is equipped the fan cover produced in a special antistatic material, with adjustable exit elbow and with weight reduced of about 1 kg.

Its excellent characteristics reward, in a very short period of time, the investment made:

  • powerful engine with a high vacuum capacity
  • the rapidity of picking is the same as the one made by 3 people 
  • it is not necessary to keep oneself stooped 
  • ergonomics and balancing, studied to be used in uncomfortable areas
  • easy and complete emptying of the picking tank with the machine still on your shoulders
  • a great part of the leaves and of the light material are directly expelled. The use in area with cultivated or particularly stony land can cause the vacuum of stones or earth
  • semi-transparent suction pipe to control the correct functioning 
  • availability of a trolley (optional) for the use in difficult areas
  • possibility of using a suction pipe (optional), which is longer (max. 5 metres), when the machine is used with the trolley

The best way to use the vacuum V77S is the following:

  • grass the areas below, where the products will fall
  • cut the grass before the picking, cleaning the area with the blower
  • during the picking, amass the product with the blower in order to facilitate and speed up the picking of the vacuum V77S.

This procedure allows a very fast picking and a good cleaning of the product.

For the persons that are working on particularly dirty grounds, it is available our V77SD model which is supplied with a double cover. This permits to open before the double-bottomed, where there is all dirt and then to open the cover for the emptying. This has been studied to allow that waste and product have two different exits.