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More comfortable and powerful, more harvest 

SC605 per pagina

Cifarelli has been manufacturing shakers since 1998


The Cifarelli SC605 shaker lightens and make more comfortable the work of harvesting olives and other fruits.It is the result of our thirty years of experience in the production of two-stroke engines lighter and powerful. It comes after our SC800 shaker especially created for professional harvesting users.

For several years, the knapsack shakers with engine are considered as the best solution to optimize olives harvesting. 
With the Cifarelli shakers in the olive groves, it is possible to harvest from 1.500 to 2.000 kg. per day (according to the pruning typology and to the olives type). If it is used on the suitable ripening time, the 90-95 % of the product can fall down. The frequency and the particular hook avoid to damage the trees and the bud.
The SC605 shaker is a machine suitable for all users, without limits of age, thanks to the combination of numerous ergonomic elements that improve user comfort: 
  • low weight
  • adjustable handles
  • anti-vibration system
  • leg protection 
  • padded ergonomic shoulder straps
  • front handle left hand

The anti-vibration system and the adjustable handles significantly reduce the vibration transmitted to the operator.

The long duration and high performance of the machine make it a great investment, even in case of semi-professional use (small producers) and for hobby (own production). The powerful engine allows a collection very effective.

Olives harvesting

The BL1200 Cifarelli blower is useful after the falling to amass the product and facilitate the harvesting.

The V1200 Cifarelli vacuum can be used to aspirate the olives from the ground. It has a patented system which allows the discharge of light material, as for example the leaves, from the tank.