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Our history

The ‘60s, Italy was undergoing an economic boom. After the war, there was need for everything: many new companies were established, often founded by people who, after working in larger companies, resigned to start their own business.


Raffaele Cifarelli, a diesel engine designer, founded the craft company in his name with his wife Rita.

In a warehouse of about 250 square metres, in Via Zanardi Bonfiglio in Voghera, Cifarelli began producing shoulder-carried mist sprayers with the “Nuvola” brand, fitted with a Jlo or Sachs German engine.

The first sales invoice was issued on the 5 November 1967.


The company started marketing its products abroad immediately: the first export invoice, for a sample, was dated 4 April 1968, and on 19 June of the same year there was the first foreign order for the Fischer company in Vevey (Switzerland) which is still our distributor today.


These were very intense years, partly because Cifarelli started out without capital and the debts had to be repaid.

Fortunately, things went very well, because from the beginning we decided to focus on product innovation to “do something different”: this desire for innovation will remain a constant of the Cifarelli company culture.

The filling pump was invented, enabling the tank to be filled without removing the machine from the shoulders.

The production of tractor mist sprayers started.

In those years Gianfranco Cifarelli joined his brother to follow the sales area of the company.


Work kept on growing and in parallel the need for space increased; also, the use of engines produced by third parties did not allow for the differentiation that Cifarelli was looking for even at the time.

In 1974 the new factory in Strada Oriolo in Voghera was inaugurated, the first core of the current area.

At the same time, the production of the mist sprayer engines started: the first model, the C7 engine, is still in use, although since then virtually every component has been changed and further improved.

We decided to stop the production of tractor mist sprayers and concentrate on the production of small tools in series.


After ten years the company already had a strong vocation for export and in 1977 it already exported a substantial part of its production; sifting through the historical archive, we found shipments to France, England, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Syria, Malta, Salvador, Venezuela, Ghana, Portugal and other countries.


The first integrated IT system was implemented, based on IBM System/34 for business management: those that today are called ERP.


The company expanded and in 1985 it inaugurated a second factory warehouse.

The occasion was the beginning of the production of brush-cutters and a new 32 cc engine.


To increase the quality and flexibility of production, the plastic department was established, where all the injection-moulded components were produced.


The results, although good, were not as expected; we therefore decided to end the range of brush-cutters and of the machines based on the 32 cc engine: power auger, motor-driven compressor.


The first version of V77 vacuums designed for chestnut harvesting was put into production.


With the increase in volumes, the mechanical machining department with numerical control machines was established; this allowed for greater control on the quality of some key components such as engine crankcases and, at a later stage, the components of the shaker.


The SC62 shaker was developed; the machine represented a radical change compared to its competitors and introduced completely new elements, such as the handles with anti-vibration system. Thanks to the SC62, Cifarelli won the “EIMA Technical Innovation” award and became the benchmark for the shaker market.


Since 2004 the shaker was fitted with an engine specifically designed by Cifarelli: the C5 50 cc engine.


The production of the silenced blower started in 2006, winning the “EIMA Technical Innovation” award thanks to the solutions adopted to lower the noise.

Meanwhile, the company expanded by opening a new production area of about 2,000 square metres, with spaces dedicated to the warehouse, plastic and mechanical processing and an increase in the number of staff.


The 1200 series was launched, a complete renewal of the range with new mist sprayers, blowers and vacuums.

The M1200 mist sprayer won the “EIMA Technical Innovation” award.


The Cifarelli family signed an agreement with Emak Spa, a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, for the sale of 30% of the shares.


The company today

The company’s mission is innovation.

Cifarelli products are subject to a continuous process of improvement thanks to investments in the R&D sector, the quality and motivation of the staff involved in product development and collaboration with various research centres, including the CNR (National Research Council).

Cifarelli machines are therefore constantly evolving and innovations are often protected by patents: we deposit about 2 patents per year.

Today the company is a joint-stock company and has been partially acquired by the Emak group, while keeping its identity intact.

The company development is mainly directed abroad: Cifarelli machines are distributed in over 80 countries around the world and reach all continents; export accounts for 95% of turnover.

Users are almost always professionals or advanced users, who want top performance machines.

Distribution takes place abroad through a selected distributor in each country and in Italy through a selected network of retailers.

In both cases, the aim is to offer professionals an optimal after-sales service; this is why Cifarelli chooses not to sell products directly to the public or online.


Our strengths have always been product quality and flexibility. The size and organisation of our company allow us to make quick decisions and respond to customer needs promptly and in the best possible way.

The parts with which our machines are made are produced with our moulds and according to our specifications by specialised suppliers.

We have a production capacity that exceeds 300 machines a day in addition to spare parts, which must be sent to customers as soon as possible in order to guarantee continuity of work to those who use them.

We work in a facility of over 7,000 square metres, fully air-conditioned, and our team consists of over 50 people who work with passion and dedication.

We are always ready to invest to implement tools that simplify the work of our employees by supporting them in their activities.


The era of industry 4.0 did not take us by surprise: Cifarelli Spa has always been attentive to technological development. Since 1981 we have applied the best technologies available and the computerisation of processes is one of our strengths.


Latest news

Agrilevante 2019 - Bari

Agrilevante 2019

Cifarelli Spa and Zanchi.Net, Italian sole distributor for our shakers, will exhibit at Agrilevante 2019 - International Exhibition of Machinery, Plant and Technologies for Agricultural Production.

The fair will be held in Bari from 10 to 13 October 2019.

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