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Agriculture and gardening machines 

Blowers for cleaning and collecting

Cifarelli's blowers, have been studied to help professional operators of city cleaning. Thanks to the high air volume and speed, it's possible to clean and collect in a rapid, easy and safety way.

Two models are available:

BL6S - silenced model, netherless powerful, thanks to which it's possible working during the night or in the early morning in town centres and narrow roads, without disturbing. Suitable for cleaning schools, hospitals, hotels, golf clubs, etc.

BL1200 - ergonomic and powerful model, it is suitable for cleaning wide areas, as stadium, sports grounds, parkings and big squares. 
Studied to work with the extreme conditions, on damp soils and with a big quantity of wet leaves. Also indicated to blow the snow off the trees or avenues. A concrete aid to the road sweepers.

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