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Agriculture and gardening machines 

EAN codes

EAN codes list of Cifarelli's product


EAN Code Description
8032774430013 BL3A Knapsack blower BL3 A
8032774430020 M3A Knapsack mist sprayer M3 A
8032774430037 M3PRA Knapsack mist sprayer M3 PRA
8032774430044 M3PSA Knapsack mist sprayer M3 PSA
8032774430051 M3PSRA Knapsack mist sprayer M3 PSRA
8032774430068 SC800 Shaker SC800
8032774430075 SC800S Shaker SC800 for Spain
8032774430075 SC800A Shaker SC800 with Alpina's engine 
8032774430082 V77S Knapsack vacuum 77cc
8032774430099 V77SD Knapsack vacuum 77cc double cover 
8032774430105 BL3A/1 Knapsack blower BL3 A without handle
8032774430112 BL3AU Knapsack blower BL3 A x unleaded petrol
8032774430129 L3A Knapsack mist sprayer L3 A
8032774430136 L3PRA Knapsack mist sprayer L3 PRA
8032774430143 L3PSA Knapsack mist sprayer L3 PSA
8032774430150 L3PSRA Knapsack mist sprayer L3 PSRA
8032774430167 9919000 Trolley for V77S
8032774430174 BL6S Silenced knapsack blower BL6