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Power x speed: a formula that is as slick as oil. 

SC800 Shaker

Cifarelli produces shakers since 1998

SC800 shaker, born from the experience and the innovative competence of Cifarelli as development of previous models, increases further on the productive power, improving the reliability and the endurance.
The shaker SC800 has been manufactured for the professional harvesting users and for all those people who want to obtain a good yield without compromises. 

Anti-vibrating system on the handles

The anti-vibrating patented system on the handles makes this machine the best solution for long working times: the vibrations are reduced to minimum.
The two handles are completely isolated from the rod, from the engine and from the gear box. The reduction of vibrations is 4 times less than with a machine without anti-vibrating system (CNR Report - 'Centro Nazionale Ricerche' - Italy - n° 794/98).

Cifarelli engine

The Cifarelli C5 engine, studied by our technicians thanks to Cifarelli's experience of more than 30 years in the production of two-stroke engines, results light and powerful. The use of our engine ensures continuity and readiness in the supply of spare parts.

For professional harvesting

For several years, the knapsack shakers with engine are considered as the best solution to optimize olives harvesting. The reduced price grants a fast return of the investment.
With the use of the shakers in the olive groves, it is possible to harvest from 1.500 to 2.000 kg. per day (according to the pruning typology and to the olives type). If it is used on the suitable ripening time, the 90-95 % of the product can fall down. The frequency and the particular hook avoid to damage the trees and the bud.
Cifarelli is specialized in the production of olives shaker since 1998 in close co-operation with the final users.
The weight has been calculated to obtain the best yield during the shakers of the branches and the maximum falling down of olives or other fruits.

The telescopic extension rod for SC800 is included in the standard supplying.

Cifarelli innovations

Some  Cifarelli's innovations in shakers market: 

  • The most important: shock absorber handles, today they are considered irremissible but, before the arriving of our shaker, they did'nt exhist.
  • Gear box with small dimensions produced in pressure die-casting. Gearing and connecting rod made of very resistant materials. Immediate oil check, thanks to a transparent cap.
  • Padded ergonomic shoulder straps.
  • Leg protections and slide to improve the ergonomics.
  • Hook's cover in special material: very encircling and easy to remove.

Cifarelli shaker has won Technical Innovation Award EIMA 1998.

Please, pay attention to the counterfeit copies of Cifarelli shakers on the market.

Olives harvesting 

BL1200 Cifarelli blower can be used after the falling to amass the product and facilitate the harvesting.

V1200S Cifarelli vacuum can be used for shell fruits harvesting. It has a patented system which allows the discharge of light material, as for example the leaves, from the tank.