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CIFARELLI SPA, in line with its philosophy based on the ability to continuously adapt to the needs of the market, adopts its own Quality Management System, in order to identify and meet the needs of its customers, to obtain competitive advantages and achieve, conserve and improve organizational performance and capabilities in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.


The Quality Policy was born as a commitment of the Management, through the work of the entire organization, to the compliance with the requirements specified by the UNI EN ISO 9001, the laws in force as well as the regulations for the accreditation of training facilities, the client and the certification and accreditation authorities of management systems.

In defining this quality policy document, the Management of CIFARELLI SPA considered:

  • context analysis
  • customers' needs and expectations
  • organization strategies
  • any mandatory requirements
  • needs and expectations of other relevant stakeholders.

The continuous improvement of the company performance, with the maintenance of the certification of its Quality Management System, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, constitutes a further factor of competitiveness and diversification towards non-certified competitors as well as evidence of the efforts profuse by our organization in pursuing the continuous satisfaction of its customers.

The Management, through the work of all collaborators, is committed to ensuring that this Policy is understood, shared by all, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.

This document has been spread at all levels of the organization through training sessions and exhibition within the premises, in order to ensure its understanding by all staff.

Based on the general principles set out below, measurable objectives have been defined in more detailed documents that are monitored by the Management during the annual reviews, to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.


1.1 Management principles and strategies

A coherent production strategy provides for the selection of qualitative suppliers able to provide, in addition to technologically appropriate products, a co-designing service.

  • Inside the company, those production functions that provide strategic added value for product quality or production flexibility are maintained.
  • Collaboration is our belief: with internal collaborators, with customers, with suppliers.
  • We aim to achieve a company where it is pleasant to work.
  • People are also valued through appropriate delegation processes. Governance aligned with the best international standards is a strategic competitive factor.
  • Employees are valued through the training and the meritocratic management of company results, offering everyone the opportunities they show what they deserve.
  • People must be enabled to perform at their best through appropriate tools that help them to make the most of everyone's contribution.
  • The intensive use of information technology, transparency and availability of data and the best tools are essential for supporting the decisions made by those who have delegated powers.


1.2 General objectives for quality

  • CIFARELLI SPA is a company that puts people at the centre of its activities.
  • The company goal is to achieve a harmonious and constant growth.
  • The expected result is to be a solid company able to make the investments necessary to remain competitive on the global market.
  • Growth takes place on different lines: the most important is certainly to develop new products.
  • Our products and services must contain a strong innovative component to differentiate themselves on the market.

At the same time the positions on the markets where we are present must be consolidated and the opportunities offered by the emerging markets must be exploited.

Continuous improvement and listening must be the main tools to position ourselves among the leading companies in the market.

The specific objectives for the period that CIFARELLI SPA intends to achieve are defined in the document "Matrix of process indicators". These objectives are monitored periodically during the management review.

1.3 The Customer and the stakeholders

The goal of our company has always been the private market, with products studied for professionals, positioned at the top end of the market, with the enhancement of the CIFARELLI SPA brand in the world.

In this context, the expectations of the stakeholders, which in various ways can influence the quality management system, were considered in satisfying customer requests.

The interested parts identified by CIFARELLI SPA in this context are:

  • distributors and dealers.

Transparency and clarity in terms of conditions, ease of contact through dedicated people, support and continuity of information, assist in mechanical training and field tests.

  • end users of the product.

Provide an innovative and durable product. Sensitivity to their reports and requests for improvement, maximum attention to ergonomics and safety, certainty of receiving spare parts in a brief time and at appropriate prices.

  • shareholders.

Transparency in the accounts and optimization of resources, projects for the creation of long-term value.

  • employees.

Safety: at work, in the workplace. Promote the balance between work and private life. Investing in Employability of Employees, using their attitudes to the best, motivating, empowering and promoting meritocracy and the possibility of growth. Raise awareness of quality.

  • providers.

Stable and transparent relationship for maximum collaboration, commitment for both to create maximum added value, looking for the most advantageous compromise for both parties. Compliance with agreements and regular payments.

  • institutions and control authorities.

Compliance with laws, where appropriate (for example safety, environment, employment relationships) to do what is considered right and appropriate even if not required by law.

Avoid political mixes.

Promote a return to the territory of the company successes.


The commitment of CIFARELLI SPA is:

  • foster the success of our customers, ours will follow.
  • make sure that our client is our promoter.
  • keep up-to-date with an elevated level of technology to meet the demands of international competitiveness.
  • price consistent with the high-end product policy and positioning in an appropriate range.



Voghera 24/07/2017                                                                                       Renato Cifarelli

                                                                                                                          Managing Director


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