Shaker SC800

Power x speed: a formula that is as slick as oil

Scuotitore SC800 nero

The SC800 shaker is a professional olive harvesting machine.

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EngineCifarelli C5, 2 strokes engine
Displacement52 cc
Weight14,9 kg empty
Rod stroke62 mm
Hook hold42 mm
Vibrations per minutemore than 2.000 strokes
Packaging29 x 109 x 32 cm

Why choosing SC800

Cifarelli has been making shakers since 1998 and invented the layout on which all modern shoulder-carried shakers are based.

With over 2000 vibrations per minute and a stroke of 62 mm, the SC800 is absolutely the best shaker in terms of harvesting performance.

If the olive trees have been pruned properly, a team equipped with nets and a SC800 shaker can collect over 3,000 kg of olives a day with a falling rate of 95% of the fruit, without damaging the tree or its buds.

The machine is equipped with patented anti-vibration handles, designed to ensure optimal comfort for professional users who use it for a long time; the wide supporting shoulder strap is cushioned to improve ergonomics.

The Cifarelli C5 engine, designed specifically for the shaker by Cifarelli technicians, is the result of more than fifty years of experience in the production of lightweight and powerful two-stroke engines.

The long lasting and highly reliable oil-bath gearbox is suitable for professional and prolonged use. The vibrations are optimised for harvesting.

We manufacture the SC800 shaker in Italy, using the best local materials. It is a machine designed to ensure adequate power and durability for heavy-duty operation, and is made to last: this is why we guarantee the continuity of production and the immediate availability of spare parts.

Cifarelli innovation

Cifarelli has been producing shakers since 1998 and has always focused on innovation: the machines are improved and developed every year.

Some of the innovations introduced by our company on the shaker market:

  • anti-vibration systems: Cifarelli was the first company to apply anti-vibration systems (patented)
  • die-cast compact gearbox. Gear unit and connecting rod in oil bath made of high strength materials. Immediate control of the oil level through a transparent cap;
  • swivel joint (patented) that enables the rotation of the rod and hook;
  • centrifugal clutch (patented) with double safety pin;
  • eccentric joint (patented) for connecting the rod, which helps keep the branch engaged during vibration;
  • hook cover made of special, enveloping material, easy to replace and long-lasting. Our hook has become a market standard.


Olive harvesting

To make harvesting easier, we recommend using the Cifarelli BL1200 blower to pile up the product after the fruit has fallen to the ground.

With the Cifarelli V1200 vacuum you can then collect the olives from the ground.


After-Sales Support

Our accurate after-sales service and the immediate availability of spare parts will allow you to operate with maximum efficiency in any situation.

The quality is guaranteed by a machine entirely designed and made in Italy with the best materials and a specialized workforce.

To guarantee you the best technical support, we chose to sell our products through the best distributors

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