Piritec fire fighting mist blower

Fire fighting mist blower

Atomizzatore antincendio

The big experience of Cifarelli SpA with the co-operation of CNR (National Research Council) has conducted to the creation of particular models of knapsack mist sprayers with special ameliorative features to be used for fire figthing, distributed with Piritec trademark.  

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EngineCifarelli C7, 2 stroke engine
Maximum power3,6 kW (5 HP)
Air volume20 m³ /min.
Air speed125 m/s
Liquids tank capacity17 L
Liquids outflowModel SS02: 0 - 3,6 L/min - Model SS02P: 0 - 6,9 L/min
Maximum horizontal range17 m
Maximum vertical range15 m
Fuel tank1,9 L
WeightModel SS02: 11,6 kg - Model SS02P 12,0 kg
Packaging75 x 50 x 39 cm - Pipes in a different box

There are two different models both certified by Enama, with A.I.B. certificate and CE brand, as per DPR 459/96.
The Enama's certificate, issued on July 26th 2001, attests the correspondence of the equipment with the following actual requirements: UNI-EN 294:1993; UNI-EN 563:1995; ISO 11684:1992 as declared by the note of the Norms, Security and Quality Group of CNR, Prot. n. 355 dated July 24th 2001.
As per the regulation in force, the equipment can be used according to the Italian Decree by the President of the Republic 547/75, by the legislative decree 626/94, art. 62 and 35 and by the legislative decree 277/91, art. 46.
The technical manual provides for the analysis of the specific risks for the fire figthing use.


All models are provided with:

  • Diaphragm carburettor and specific fitting-out to prevent accidental fuel leaks (the fuel tank cap has an airtight closure); 
  • Air exit pipe in aluminium;
  • All plastic materials endure heating;
  • Shoulder straps in fireproof material with fast safety release;
  • Accelerator, stop and liquid cock controls are situated on the safety handle on the air exit pipe;
  • "Instructions and Maintenance" manual with safety procedures (drawn up by fire figthing qualified people).

The available models are:

  • SS02

    Base Model 
  • SS02P

    Model with filling pump and booster pump. The first allows the tank filling up without taking off the equipment from the shoulders, while the second one keeps the liquid constantly and always mixed. 

To guarantee you the best technical support, we chose to sell our products through the best distributors

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