Blower BL6S

Silent, powerful and ergonomic blower

Soffiatore BL6S

The Cifarelli BL6S is a silent blower ideal for removing leaves, grass, paper or other material wherever noise must be reduced to minimum: streets, parking lots, courtyards, tourist areas, parks, gardens, golf clubs, holiday resorts, hotels, stadiums, sports facilities, densely populated areas.

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EngineC5 model, 2-stroke engine
Air volume20 m³ /min
Noise64 dB(A)/15 mt
Fuel tank3 L
Weight10,7 kg with tubes
Packaging51 x 52 x 39 cm

The exclusive exhaust system does not produce annoying emissions at eye level, which means the machine can be used even among people.

Why choosing BL6S

  • Silent: the very low noise level (64 dB at 15 metres) allows the blower to be used at night and in the morning without causing any inconvenience.
  • Powerful: the patented air circulation system generates a large volume of air (20 m3 per minute) already at the lowest setting, without losses for cooling.
  • Ergonomic: the low weight, the wide backrest, the padded shoulder straps, the adjustable control handle and the air outlet diffusers with hemispherical ground support allow the machine to be used for a long time, without tiring the operator.
  • High autonomy: the 3-litre fuel tank offers high autonomy and allows you to work without interruptions for a long time.
  • Versatile: the machine comes with two air outlet terminals, to adapt the jet to different situations with dry or wet ground.


The BL6S blower won the “Technical Innovation” award at EIMA in 2006 for its quiet operation and innovative air circuit.

The BL6S is an ideal blower for cleaning even large areas. However, we do not recommend using it for collecting fruit without a shell, as the exhaust outlet may cause product contamination.

After-sales support

Our accurate after-sales service and the immediate availability of spare parts will allow you to operate with maximum efficiency in any situation.

The quality is guaranteed by a machine entirely designed and made in Italy with the best materials and a specialised workforce.

To guarantee you the best technical support, we chose to sell our products through the best distributors

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Soffiatore BL6S


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the machine FULLY COMPLIANT with the requirements of the standard "Equipment for vector control specification guidelines, 2" edition. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2018" and can be provided to who requires the World Health Organization certificate.


* For the moment the atomizer L3Evo is only available outside Europe but we are proceeding to the certification of the engine so make it usable also in Europe.

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