Mist blower M1200

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Atomizzatore M1200

Cifarelli M1200 is the top of the range of Cifarelli mist sprayers: a professional machine used in agriculture, gardening and urban hygiene for treatments with broad-coverage plant protection products.

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EngineCifarelli C7, 2-stroke engine
Displacement77 cc
Maximum power3,6 kW (5 HP)
Air volume27 m³/min (960 cfm)
Air speed105 m/s
Liquids tank capacity17 L (4.49 US gals.)
Liquids outflow0 - 3,5 L/min
Maximum horizontal range18 m (59 ft.)
Maximum vertical range16 m (53 ft.)
Average drops sizeØ 90 µm
Fuel tank2,3 L (0.61 US gals.)
Weight12,2 kg with pipes (26,9 lbs.)
Packaging78 x 46 x 38 cm

The M1200 mist sprayer is:

  • fast: the speed of the jet and the volume of air generated allow large areas of land to be covered in a single step;
  • effective: the drops micronisation ensures even protection on both sides of the leaves and less waste of water and plant protection products;
  • versatile: the wide range of accessories, purchasable separately as needed, meets the most diverse requirements in terms of use.


Why choosing the M1200

Cifarelli started out with mist sprayers, products for which we are famous all over the world.

The M1200 mist sprayer is the point of arrival of our experience: a highly innovative professional machine, a tool made to last and allow you to work better.

Not surprisingly, the M1200 won the “EIMA Technical Innovation” award in 2012.

  • Ergonomics: the centre of gravity of the machine is perfect to increase comfort, which is already optimal thanks to the curved backrest, wide and soft cushion and adjustable shoulder straps. The control handle can be easily adjusted without using any tools.
  • Perfect treatments: the power of the machine, the uniformity of the drops and their microscopic size guarantee an optimal coverage of the treatments, according to the indications of the best agronomists
  • Less product waste: the liquid diffuser, adjustable in 9 positions, ensures precise and simple control of the liquid outflow and allows you to perform calibrated and regular treatments
  • Easy to use: the supply of liquids is activated when necessary by pressing the accelerator and is disabled with a switch, thanks to the presence of a traditional tap
  • Broad operating range: the swivel elbow allows you to work even with the pipe in a vertical position; the powerful 5HP engine and the ventilation system ensure a very wide range: up to 18 meters horizontally and 16 metres vertically without booster pump. The option of using it even with the pipe in a vertical position and the broad range makes the M1200 ideal for treating tall trees as well. In particularly ventilated areas we recommend the use of extension pipes (accessory available on request) to prevent product dispersion.
  • High autonomy thanks to the 17-litre liquid tank; the filling pump (accessory available on request) enables the tank to be filled with liquid while the machine is on your shoulder
  • Wide range of accessories: the M1200 is modular machine; all accessories, including pumps, can be installed quickly even after purchase

The M1200 is suitable for all products, even those that require continuous mixing, thanks to the booster pump (accessory available on request) that constantly mixes the liquid.

A special kit (accessory available on request) allows the machine to be used for spreading powders, granules and seeds, such as rice.

With the ULV diffuser (accessory available on request) you can perform ultra-low volume treatments (with extra small drops) and dispense the product with even greater precision.

If necessary, Cifarelli mist sprayers can also be used as blowers, thanks to the special hose and diffuser kit (accessory available on request).

Effectiveness of treatments

The mist sprayer allows for low-volume treatments. The regular and constant size of the dispensed drops, combined with the action of the air that moves the leaves, ensures effective and uniform protection on both sides of the treated surface.

The mist sprayer significantly reduces the use of water and chemicals. Indeed, compared to traditional shoulder-carried or motorised pumps, the treatment with the mist sprayer prevents waste due to dripping, because the product is more concentrated and micronised.

Here you can consult the technical data relating to the diameter of the drops generated, as certified by Enama, the body certifying the compliance of the machines with European directives on safety and functionality.


Easy maintenance

the M1200 is easy to maintain: the disassembly layout is simple and, since the heads of the nuts and bolts have been unified, almost the whole machine can be dismantled by using a single spanner.

This makes interventions quick and easy, even for professionals working in difficult areas.


After-sales support

Our accurate after-sales service and the immediate availability of spare parts will allow you to operate with maximum efficiency in any situation.

The quality is guaranteed by a machine entirely designed and manufactured made in Italy with the best materials and a specialised workforce.

To guarantee you the best technical support, we chose to sell our products through the best distributors

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