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Kit for bees

The blower is used in apiculture for the removal of the bees during the cleaning of the honeycomb, which precedes the step of the honey extraction.

Through the volume of air generated by the blower, the operation is performed quickly and without harming the bees.

To facilitate the work and to direct in an optimal way the air on the supers of the hives, it is recommended to install on the machine the appropriate kit (code 0G.373.00) composed by a 2 m long hose and a "duck beak" spreader that widens the air flow produced.



To work in flat or easily accessible areas, you can place the machine on the trolley for V1200 vacuum (code 99.310.01) by applying the supports for mounting BL1200 blower (code 0G.382.00).



The apiculture kit is applicable to both the BL1200 blower that the M1200 mist blower (if equipped with pump it is recommended to disassemble it when used as a blower to avoid to damage it).