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Atomizzatore antincendio
Fire Figthing Mist Sprayers



Technical features

Engine Cifarelli C7 - Single cylinder, two stroke, air cooled
Stroke 36 mm
Displacement 77 cc
Maximum power 3,6 Kw (5HP)
Fuel Mixture of leaded or unleaded gasoline and oil for two stroke engine
Carburettor Diaphragm
Electric system Electronic ignition
Spark plug Champion RCJ6Y
Starting with recoil starter 
Air volume 20 m³/min
Air speed 125 m/sec
Liquid maximum range  hor. 17 m, vert. 15 m
Liquid output 

SS02 Model: 0-3,6 L/min
SS02P Model: 0-6,9 L/min

Autonomy at max  al max speed 70 min
Weight  11,6 kg (SS02 Model)
Peak load's weight  25 kg for women, 30 kg for men (SS02 Model)
Fuel tank capacity 1,9 L
Liquids tank capacity 17 L (13,5 L of maximum filling)

(ISO 5131) Sound pressure level: dB 90,9
(ISO 3744) Acoustic power level: dB 109,5

Vibrations (ISO 20643 2005) Weighed average quadratic value to handle awh=3.5 m/s2
Electromagnetic compatibility 
(EMC directive, ISO/CD 14892 draft)
Conform - CESI ENG 96/012771 note
Shoulder straps In fireproof material, with fast safety release
Standard supplies Spanners bag for the common maintenance, instructions manual
Packing  Carton box cm 75x50x39
Pipes are supplied separately 

Due to the constant improvement on Cifarelli's products, the above mentioned features may change without prior notice and/or without any obligation to upgrade previously sold devices.