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Working becomes easy. 

Carrello V77S disegno
Vacuum Trolley

Trolley for vacuum V77S

With a weight of only 8 Kg and big adjustable wheels, this new trolley  can be utilised to carry our harvesting vacuum V77S.
Thanks to these innovative technical features, the trolley for V77S is useful and easy to utilise in all safety. 

A) The discharge grid acts as a sieve for the small pieces that could be sucked in, improving the cleaning of the product further on;
B) The adjustable wheels can be raised and lowered independently to keep the machine always on the level, even if the ground slopes; the large diameter of the wheels grants easy movement on rough grounds.
C) The handgrip allows easy movement in all safety.

The trolley is packed in a very compact box (52 x 56 x 21cm).
It can be only used on V77S model vacuums. It can not be utilised on V77SD.