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On line sales

Question Answer
Is it possible to buy directly at the factory? No, we do not directly sell the machines at the factory. We want our customers to have the best service near the workplace
Is it possible to buy online? No, we do not sell machines online, in fact, we advise against buying online

Spare parts and maintenance

Question Answer
I need to order spare parts. Where do I find the exploded? In the support section of the site it is possible to view the exploded machine spare parts without any need for a password
Do I have to do maintenance. Where can I find the instructions? For the most frequent maintenance and that can be done by the users there are many instructions on our Youtube channel


Question Answer
What mixture should I use for Cifarelli machines? Among the documents that can be downloaded in the support section is the one on how to make the mixture


Question Answer
How can I register the product warranty? In many cases it is registered directly by the retailer, you can register it in the support section


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